Many of my publications are designed as “parish kits,” each containing a smorgasbord of leaflets to make life easier for busy parish personnel. E.g.,

  • Looking for concrete ideas to support young families in their home-based spirituality? Take a page from Ten Ways.
  • Need to explain a church teaching to your RCIA group? Print off a Landmarks leaflet.
  • Require a pastoral discussion focus for your parish council...tonight!? Choose a reflection sheet from Into the Deep.
  • Looking for bulletin fillers that educate and inspire faith? Select from Fruits of the Jubilee or Why We Do the Things We Do.
  • Looking for help with a Christmas message? Find an idea in Seasonal Supplements.
  • And if Eucharist is your focus, Bread for New Life offers eight different insights in this sacrament.

These titles are a selection of resources published by The Story Source, 1992-2002.